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4 Reasons Your Ab Exercises Are Not Working

Here are the top 4 reasons your ab exercises are not working:

Not seeing results from your ab workouts? There’s nothing more frustrating than putting hard work into something and not getting the results you want. If you’re struggling to see any ab definition or just feel like your ab workouts aren’t working for you, see below on some of the reasons why they may not be working.

Training abs every day

Doing ab workouts every day to help lose belly fat and see definition is seriously a waste of time. You can’t possibly crunch away stomach fat, plus your abdominal muscles need time to recover just like other muscle groups in your body. And if you’re able to perform tons of ab exercises one day and then wake up the next morning ready for more that should be enough proof to you that your workouts are ineffective. What I would recommend is you train abs 1-2 times per week on non-consecutive days. Mix things up too, one workout focus on weighted core exercises and the other workout more bodyweight based exercises.

Long breaks between exercises

You don’t need much rest between sets during ab workouts. Unlike other muscles in the body that may take several minutes to recover, abdominal muscles recover within seconds. So your abs routine can be continuously moving from one exercise to the next with very little rest.

Not breathing properly or hardly at all

The majority of people tend to hold their breath during ab exercises because of focusing on other things. The abdominal muscles cannot fully contract with air retained in the lungs. So those that hold their breath while performing ab exercises, never manage a full muscle contraction.

Neglecting the entire core

Too many people concentrate just on the abs and neglect the core. Doing sit-ups and crunches 5 days a week will not transform into strong abs or a stable core. The key to a lean waistline and stomach is to hit all angles of your entire core including the lower abs, upper abs, oblique’s, lower back and hips.

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