Breedon Priory Health Club

Maintain Your Motivation

Are you struggling to maintain your motivation?

Now that January is over motivation can start to diminish and all those New Year’s resolutions and goals can seem like a distant memory.

Here are a few steps to take to increase your chances of sticking with your fitness journey or even starting it:

  • Make a plan
    Look at the week ahead on a Sunday evening and see what time you have available, then block it out. Make it realistic and be strict that time is yours, no excuses
  • Enjoy gym clothes
    When you get in from work instead of putting your sweat pants on get changed into your gym clothes – you are more likely to do exercise if you a dressed for it. If buying new gym clothes gets you out the door then go for it.
  • Start small
    Train in your living room, start somewhere you feel comfortable, try a little circuit, do some ab exercises, stretch; just get moving. Set achievable goals and you will be surprised how your body starts to adapt and how much better you start to feel.
  • Do something you enjoy
    If you hate running, then don’t run! If you used to love playing badminton then maybe dust off the racquet and meet a friend at the court instead of a coffee shop. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to stick to it. Why not try something new like a dance class or hot yoga? Make it interesting.
  • Find a friend – recruit a friend to start training with you, having that accountability will increase your chance of success. If you agree to meet at the gym after work then knowing you will be letting them down by not turning up can be all you need to stick to that commitment. Often just knowing they are getting their exercise in can be enough to motivate you to train too.
  • Enjoy the rewards
    Use incentives to keep you motivated. Set a challenge each month and then reward yourself. E.g. if you get to the gym three times every week for a month, run a 5k, try one new class a week, start lifting heavier weights, start personal training sessions then treat yourself to some new gym clothes or new trainers.

If you need any help starting your fitness journey or help staying motivated then get in touch with Hannah on 07770929789, or Hannah Knowles Personal Training to schedule your free consultation.