Breedon Priory Health Club

Hannah Knowles

Hannah Knowles : Personal Trainer

Hannah has always been active and played sport her whole life. Her passion for exercise was developed at University where she started running. Since then Hannah has taken part in many 10k races, half marathons and marathons. Having spent many years swimming competitively and cycling, Hannah now competes in triathlons. Hannah is a big believer in getting out of your comfort zone and always has a challenge lined up, at the moment she is training for her first obstacle course race.

Hannah is a keen cook and values the importance of nutrition and the effect it has on your exercise performance. She is always discovering new recipes to try, making them as healthy and delicious as possible. Hannah has a green smoothie or juice every day.

Outside of fitness and nutrition, Hannah enjoys travelling as much as possible, often doing extreme sports and races in every country she visits.