Breedon Priory Health Club

Ian Wadsworth

Position: Class Instructor

Prior to teaching yoga Ian played club, county Rugby, participated in club Boxing, Rowing, Surfing, Contemporary Dancing, Chinese Boxing, Capoeira, Judo, and various other martial arts. He also worked for 8 years as a Lecturer teaching at degree level.

The Yoga Journey began for Ian while travelling through North Africa. During this Journey Ian came into contact with a travelling Sadhu who introduced Ian to meditation and yogic techniques that engage both the mind and body. He would learn how to hack into his nervous system to increase his physical and mental capabilities. As well as finding the healing and therapeutic qualities of Yoga.

On return to the UK Ian continued to study the parallels with the Yogis and Fakirs of India. Ian went on to study the Ashtanga Vinyassa flow practice with Ashtanga Yoga Derby and continued to study a variety of Yoga practices, Hot Yoga, Freestyle Yoga, Vinyassa Krama, and Hatha Yoga at Hindu temples and Buddhist centres.

Throughout his study and practice of Yoga Ian learnt about the correlation of Yoga with the Martial arts and dance, the importance of the breath control (pranayama), the rich history of Yoga, the powerful sequences and postures and the meditative qualities. Ian believes that Yoga increases participant’s strength, flexibility, core muscle group, as well as ability to focus and relax and cope with stressful circumstances.
Ian instructs our Dynamic Yoga classes on a Wednesday morning at 10.45am and a Sunday morning at 10am.