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Why Train On A Treadmill?

A treadmill can come in very handy, especially during the winter months. It’s safer to use a treadmill due to uneven ground, icy/ wet conditions and poor lighting. Unlike the winter icy pavements, the treadmill’s completely stable surface means there’s little chance you’ll slip or trip too. If you’re already injured, training on a treadmill […]

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Boxing And It’s Benefits

Boxing has many benefits but the main one is it’s a fantastic plyometric cardiovascular exercise! Boxing involves coordination, speed, strength and skill. Whether working 1-1 with somebody on the pads or your working solo on a punch bag using a mixture of different punches / combinations will really get that heart rate up. Boxing can […]

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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions can be hard! Every year most of us do the same thing on January 1st – think of resolutions we want to stick to throughout the New Year, so often though by February these best intentions start to wane as ‘life happens’ and we then find ourselves back to […]

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Plyometric Training

What is Plyometric Training? Plyometric Training has been around for a long time, these days it is mostly seen being used in sports training & CrossFit. It involves various kinds of jumps, hops, bounds or skips and has some great benefits. This kind of training can be very effective in improving athleticism in both youth […]

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Repetitions – High vs Low

High Repetitions vs Low Repetitions – are you doing them correctly? You may have heard high repetitions help you lose fat and will tone your muscles and low reps will help build muscle and strength? Let’s clear a few things up You can’t tone a muscle, instead you can lose body fat which will improve […]

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