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Plantar Fasciitis: What is it and how do I treat it?

Plantar fasciitis means inflammation of your plantar fascia. Your plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue (like a ligament) that stretches from your heel to your middle foot bones. It supports the arch of your foot and also acts as a shock-absorber in your foot. What to look for and causes? The injury is […]

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Handy Hints For Healthy Weight Loss

Christmas is over, mince pies and chocolates all well and truly consumed and it’s back to life as normal. So here we are, left with the aftermath of that wonderfully carefree ‘eat and drink as much as you like’ Christmas fortnight.  Once again as we attempt to wrestle our way back into those jeans that […]

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Inverted Row – Exercise of the Week Breedon Priory Health Club

Inverted Row on TRX • Hold onto straps, then place heels on top of the bosu, making sure body is in straight line • Keeping body rigid, pull body up until chest is even with hands • Lower with control until arms are straight • Repeat for specified reps

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Chloe Jackson – Member of the month Feb 15

Since joining Breedon Priory Health Club, Chloe has completely transformed herself through training hard along with a healthy diet. Throughout her time at the health club Chloe has managed to shred 2 Stone which is a massive achievement. It was a turning point around her 21st birthday when she decided she needed to get into […]

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New Year Resolutions Analysed – By Andy David

According to a news report published today, by this stage in January 4 out of 5 New Year’s Resolutions that are fitness or diet related will have been broken or failed. So what can we do to remain on track and stay focused and committed to achieving or goals? Everyone is prone to procrastination from […]

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