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Boxing And It’s Benefits

Boxing has many benefits but the main one is it’s a fantastic plyometric cardiovascular exercise! Boxing involves coordination, speed, strength and skill. Whether working 1-1 with somebody on the pads or your working solo on a punch bag using a mixture of different punches / combinations will really get that heart rate up. Boxing can be extremely intense and is often mixed with body weight and core exercise. To up the intensity of your boxing workout you can up you’re punching power, speed and take less rest time in-between rounds.

Boxercise classes

Boxercise mixes Boxing and other cardiovascular exercises to create a non-contact group exercise class. Using different punching combinations and boxing drills. The workout uses the entire body. In Cardiovascular terms you burn more calories in an hour than using a stair climber. In boxercise you use your whole body your arms, your legs and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. Correct technique takes practice and good instruction. Soon you become more comfortable with the punches enabling you to punch faster and burn even more calories.

Boxing and Boxercise works you at a high intensity and causes EPOK effect this is where not only are you burning calories during the exercise itself but you’re burning more calories and fat for up to 48hours after the session.

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