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New Year Goal Setting

Have you thought about New Year Goal Setting?

Why set goals?

Setting goals will give you something to aim for! Goals allow us to track progression and remain motivated.

So how do we set goals?

Goals can be set by you or you and a trainer.

It is important that goals are SMART …..

S= Specific, goals should be specific and personal to you and what you want to achieve.

M= Measurable, A goal to “lose weight” is not enough. How will you track your progress and how you will know when you have reached your goal? Making your goal measurable means adding/ tracking numbers. Example, body weight and dates.

A= Attainable. Before you can add a number, you have to know how high or low you want to go. It’s good to aim high, but don’t be too extreme. Likewise, a goal that is too easy is also not very motivating. Know your know your limits.

R=Relevant, Set goals that are important to where you are in your life right now. Don’t set a goal that someone else is pressuring you to attain-that isn’t very motivating.

T = Time, progressively work to an ultimate goal and include an end-point. Knowing that you have a deadline motivates you to get started.

Set a short, medium and long term goal using SMART!

Short and medium term goals tend to be steps towards your long term goal (The ultimate goal).

With my clients I tend to keep the time frame for the short term goal 1week-1month, medium goal 1month- 6months and the ultimate goal 6months-1year.

So before you start you’re 2018 fitness journey have a think about what you want to achieve and set yourself some goals!

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