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Repetitions – High vs Low

High Repetitions vs Low Repetitions – are you doing them correctly?

You may have heard high repetitions help you lose fat and will tone your muscles and low reps will help build muscle and strength?

Let’s clear a few things up

You can’t tone a muscle, instead you can lose body fat which will improve definition of your muscles and you can develop muscle which will give a firmer feel and look more developed.

So if you want to ‘tone up’, what you really mean is I need to lose some fat and build some muscle.

Secondly for fat loss, nutrition is more important compared to a specific rep range.

While it may not be the most efficient way, you could still lose body fat training with lower reps if you enjoy training this way. Just accept that if you are going to train using lower rep work to lose body fat your gains in strength will be limited by the reduced calorie intake.

Let your diet do the majority of the work, strength training to retain/build muscle and if needed add some cardio.

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