Breedon Priory Health Club

Hannah Knowles (Personal Trainer)

I am Level 3 qualified personal trainer and gym instructor. There is nothing I love more than encouraging others to set challenges for themselves and helping them reach the goals they have set out.
I specialise in weight loss, pre and post natal and sport specific coaching. I offer packages of 1-2-1 training, small group coaching and a mums and baby boot camp. I write fitness plans, running programmes and give recipe suggestions.
I will always keep training sessions interesting and full of variety to meet individual needs. I mix up sessions with being outside and inside the gym. I want you to feel in control of your workouts and to get the most from each session, if you have a particular goal, let me know and I will ensure you get where you need to be.

Ever since a young age sport has been a part of my life, whether that was playing football, tennis, swimming – you name it I played it. However in recent years, I have focused my training on triathlons, crossfit and OCR events. I am a big fan of yoga and pilates and the importance of mobility being a key part of your routine.

I am a firm believer that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You cannot out train a bad diet. I am always tweaking my diet to ensure I am getting the most from the food I am putting in my body and providing me with enough energy to get through long training rides or runs. I am always researching current articles and discussions when it comes to nutrition and health in the media.



I am currently training for the London Marathon with the aim to get a new PB. For my training I wanted to get in touch with a Personal Trainer to guide my preparation. Having used Personal Trainers for many years, I can honestly say Hannah is by far the best. She works me harder than I have done before whilst knowing my limits. I always feel like I have worked twice hard in our PT sessions compared to working by myself. She tailors each and every session to me, listening to my feedback from the previous weeks. The sessions are very varied and never get boring. To top it all off, she is really kind, thoughtful and an enthusiastic person.


Hannah has been my personal trainer since August 2016. I have nothing but praise for the way she has worked with me to achieve amazing results. I am fitter than I ever thought possible and have a much improved body shape.
She has created a different programme for me every week and I have tried things I would never have done on my own. I am always excited to find out what new challenge she has waiting for me! She is knowledgeable and I am confident that she would never ask me to try something I couldn’t achieve.
I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah as a personal trainer.


I started my PT sessions with Hannah back in October 2015. My primary goals were to tone up, get a bit fitter and hopefully feel confident enough to wear a bikini come the summer (not easy after you have had three kids!). I hadn’t done anything like this before and I remember feeling quite nervous before the first session as I knew I was really unfit. I needn’t have worried though as Hannah is very kind and positive, her focus is on making you realise what you can achieve and she will quickly adapt sessions if she can see you are struggling with something.

I was really surprised by the progress I had made by the summer, I was actually lifting weights and doing proper press ups! And I was out in a bikini on our beach holiday. Perhaps most importantly I have realised how good regular exercise makes you feel. And this is all down to Hannah. Every session is different so you never get bored, and they are all tailored to your individual requirements. She will also give you advice on healthy eating and exercising at home. Hannah is very easy to chat to and have a laugh with, and her positive energy can’t help but keep you motivated.

Even though I reached my targets I have kept going with my sessions as I really enjoy them and want to keep improving my fitness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hannah to anyone looking at personal training.