Breedon Priory Health Club

Kieran Hatfield (Personal Trainer)

KH Fitness dedicates its self to providing a great experience for clients with top training sessions, built specifically for them. The first step is booking your free consultation, here we discover more about you and your needs and from this we then go to work on building your programme. Personal Training, Group Training, Home Workouts – no matter what option you choose you will get results!

“I will give you the motivation, drive and education you need in order to ACHIEVE. Help is also given in Nutrition, you can’t out-train a bad diet! Breedon Priory Health Club is a top facility that has all you need under one roof! If you desire Home visits then a programme will be designed based around what you have available to you at home, equipment or no equipment! Whether you are here to improve your body or to improve your skills in sports, I will get you to the next level and boost you to a great future.”

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“I had never been a consistent trainer and dieter. Despite multiple attempts, I always failed. That was until I started training with Kieran! 

I could never have imagined I could be where I am today… Two and a half stone lighter, miles fitter (literally) and much more confident! Not only has Kieran provided me with training sessions, he has gifted me with the knowledge, motivation and support needed to truly succeed. It’s safe to say, I really couldn’t have done this without him! With Kieran’s help, I’ve knocked 6 minutes off my 5K time, successfully ran half-marathons, completed a Tough Mudder and now know my way around the weights section of the gym! I look forward to continuing my progress with Kieran in 2016 and working towards new fitness goals.”

– Liam Docherty: 1+ years training with KH Fitness

“A professional personal trainer who inspires me to achieve! Recovering from a car crash, I could not have imagined that I would already be up and running after just 3 months of training. Kieran always ensures that I understand why I am carrying out the exercises as well as ensuring I am doing them correctly, enabling me to achieve more than I ever expected. He is positive, approachable, knowledgeable and considerate but does not let me quit when I haven’t worked to my true potential!” – Angie

“The progress I’ve had since I started with Kieran has been great! Not only does he motivate and push you during sessions, he also teaches you. I now have the confidence to do structured workouts on my own in the gym, whereas before I didn’t have the knowledge to get the most out of the equipment. On top of that, he’s friendly and easy to get along with; I enjoy each session I have with him” – Liam

“There I was a burnt out runner who had lost his passion, injured and was just about to quit running. My wife suggested a personal trainer. After a very positive and encouraging consultation with Kieran, my road to recovery began. Straight away Kieran understood me and my goals and tailored a programme to push me in the right direction. He motivated me to achieve new levels of fitness, improving my core and running that I believed were beyond me. I am now beyond the level of fitness I had required and my future of running looks secure. With hard work and being taught to train smart you smart you can achieve!” – Jason