Breedon Priory Health Club

Kirsty Allen (Personal Trainer)

Kirsty dedicates herself to her clients to deliver high quality personal training sessions derived around your goals and targets. Kirsty offers 1-1 sessions, group sessions as well as mobile personal training. Kirsty is a level 3 PT, as well as a level 3 GP exercise referral specialist, specialising in clients with diabetes, obesity, pre/post-natal, asthma, etc.

Kirsty offers a free consultation to get to know you, your goals and targets. Those that choose to have Kirsty as their trainer will receive a personalised training program reviewed every 6 weeks, this will help guide you to your goal when not in 1-1 sessions with Kirsty. You’ll also receive nutritional guidance including metabolic rate and calorie/ macronutrient profiling to help you reach your goal sooner, whether this is to reduce body fat %, gain muscle, tone up etc.

During personal training sessions Kirsty will ensure you’re working with the correct technique, intensity, reps and sets in order to achieve your goal. Clients will receive full support from Kirsty outside of sessions and can contact her via phone or email.

Kirsty will help get the best out of you, and help you change your lifestyle for the better. Whether this is to train to make you feel better, improve confidence in the gym, reduce body %, lose weight, tone up, gain strength, add muscle, improve sporting performance or improve exercise technique then she can help!

Contact Kirsty now and book your FREE consultation to start your journey to reaching a even better version of you!

Tel: 07854218422


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