Breedon Priory Health Club

Nicola Clark (Personal Trainer)

I have worked in a variety of industries in roles centred around mentoring and coaching individuals to achieve their best for over 20 years. I feel this experience helps me to appreciate the challenges on my clients’ time, barriers to success and that there is no “one size fits all” magic answer to hitting fitness goals! I have been studying for the last 18 months to attain my Personal Training qualification and have attained additional skills to enable me to adopt a wide range of training approaches appropriate to your needs.

Through my experience both with clients I have been working with and in my own fitness experience, I firmly believe that there is much more to achieving fitness goals than just making you sweat! 

Getting the results requires an appreciation the many aspects of our lives that can impact our fitness progress and nutritional choices. Our actions are often controlled by our thoughts and feelings so when it comes to making lasting changes willpower is sometimes just not enough. While training with me, we will explore physical, mental, and emotional aspects in addition nutrition, physical activity, digestion, and lifestyle.  

Working together I will give you the strategies, tools and support to make sustainable changes to become the best version of you. Along with regular reviews and progress checks, I’ll make sure we stay on track.

When you’re ready to start making some lasting changes, get in touch, you won’t regret it!

“Nicola is excellent at understanding me as a person which has been key to keeping me on track; she has given me an insight into my approach to exercise that will help me achieve long term permanent results. I can also easily see how these traits that Nicola identifies in me also cross over into other areas of my life and I have no doubt these insights will make me more productive, organized and calmer in the workplace too. She is a great person to be around, works me hard, is motivating and funny but she is also open, down to earth, encouraging and honest, all of which has been key to helping me with my recovery and achieving my goals.” Sam

“The motivation gained from the sessions with Nicci was fantastic, she is really enthusiastic and loves what she does which kick started my interest back into exercise and seeing how much I enjoyed it again really helped.

She’s lovely to work with, really understands your fitness needs and tailors the plan to that but also extremely motivating in the right way.” Natasha

 “I have been able to improve my movement and stretching which in turn has helped control the pain from Sciatica without having to resort to painkillers. I enjoy the progressive success of each exercise with regular repetition and moving towards the goals set.” Sheila