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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions can be hard!

Every year most of us do the same thing on January 1st – think of resolutions we want to stick to throughout the New Year, so often though by February these best intentions start to wane as ‘life happens’ and we then find ourselves back to square one the following year.

Below are some tips to help you stick to these resolutions and ensure that come this time next year you are not yet again struggling to keep your fitness goals.
First of all:

– Be realistic with your goals.

Don’t set yourself resolutions that are unattainable. E.g. not having chocolate for the year; life is too short not to have chocolate and a year is too long not to have chocolate.

– Plan ahead

Think of your resolutions a few weeks in advance, plan them out, take your time with them. Don’t make flippant resolutions on January 1st in a panic, give them some thought, what have you always said you would do and haven’t got round to doing?

– Create accountability

Share what you are intending to do with others so they will stay on your case about it. With social media being so accessible now, there’s no excuses, put it out there, state your intentions and then go after it.

– Track progress

Short term goals are easier to keep, have that big goal but break it down into bite sized pieces so that you feel like you are achieving all the while. Take things day by day, week by week rather than only focusing on this time next year and how you want to look/weigh etc.

– Schedule time

Ensure that you are factoring in your resolution into your day/week by allotting time to enable you to achieve it. Treat your workout time as just as important as a work meeting; it’s a about prioritising your health, make time for you each day. Everyone is busy these days, it’s about making the time for you, that’s the only way you will be able to see changes.

– Modify your resolutions

If something is not working, change it. Don’t beat yourself, adjust your goals and then get going again. We all have bad days/bad weeks even but it doesn’t need to be a bad year or a bad life.

– Consistency is everything.

Just do something every day towards your resolution, if it’s weight loss, make sure you move every day. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, set yourself a challenge, how far can you run? How many press ups can you do? How long can you skip for? Just get it done, every day.

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