Soon enough summer will be coming! And with it comes that pub garden and BBQ weather that can easily tempt us away from focusing on our healthy exercise regimes. However, summer is a time for fun; so we need to keep those energy levels boosted!! Don’t let motivation slip you away from getting those summer sessions in! Here are some top tips on how to stay active and safe throughout this sweaty season!

Shake-Up Your Routine

Out of four million who become new gym-goers early January, 60 % quit before May! This is why it’s so important to keep those motivation levels topped up over summer! So why don’t you opt for a shake-up with your usual routine! Mix-up your timings to suit the weather! Summer brings the heat, so training in the cooler mornings is definitely a must! Avoid those uncomfortable temperatures! However, those long days and sunny mornings make it a great time to go outside. Change up your training regime; go for a walk or a run but stick to those shady trails or pathways! If this isn’t your cup of tea… try rejuvenating yourself through some Yoga or Pilates classes. Altering up your routine will help replenish those motivation levels and will aid you in staying strong throughout summer!

Embrace The Elements

Summer is a busy time…however start as you mean to go on! Even if you are struggling with time; getting in some exercise isn’t impossible! Embrace nature! Go for a walk on your lunch break, before or after work! The mornings will be getting lighter so getting in some training will be effortless with the sun shining! In addition, there are many outdoor fitness activities available for all ability levels. At Breedon Priory Health Club we offer Outdoor Bootcamps, so be sure to have a look! Bootcamps are a great way of getting in some more aerobic exercise! Keeping stress down and reducing high blood pressure are also other reasons as to why boot camps can be so motivating throughout the summer!

Nourishment Is Key

Good nutrition is crucial if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating plenty of colourful fruit and delicious vegetables is great at helping you push towards your fitness goals! Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of heart disease and your overall health! What’s more motivating than that? So, start packing in those wholesome essentials! Swap in some low fat dairy and lean protein into your diet to really keep the energy flowing! Want more ideas… have a go at making some healthy smoothies for a morning boost or a vibrant snack! There are loads of delicious recipes posted on our Facebook page for BPHC! So take a look!

Stay Cool & Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is definitely a priority when it comes to sweating it out in the summer months! Getting that balance of water and electrolytes is so important when it comes down to the functioning of your body. Becoming dehydrated can cause light headedness and nausea; so keep those water levels topped up! Additionally, stay cool by slathering on the SPF! Sun cream will stop you getting burnt on those hot days; even when it’s cloudy! Wearing sun cream everyday also really benefits the health of your skin, so give it a try. Another way of staying cool is to focus on what you’re wearing! Loose and light clothing will keep you fresh due to reflecting the heat! Have a look at brands specifying in ‘hi-tech fabric’. These types of material let the skin breathe; helping with sweat evaporation!