Why you should be investing in a Personal Trainer!

Within the past decade, the fitness industry has boosted! With one in seven people now currently sweating away as members of a gym, there is no better time than now to get involved! New fitness facilities are opening all the time, with over 7,000 gyms opening within the UK! However, being a newbie to all this fitness craze can be daunting! One way to overcome this, is investing your time in a Personal Trainer! There are a number of reasons as to why Personal Training can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they be weight-based, athletic or sports-driven! If you’re interested take a look as to why investing in a PT may be the best thing you ever did!  

Let’s Get Educational!

Personal Training isn’t about getting ‘beasted’ on the gym floor! One of the primary reasons that Personal Training should be sought after, is the idea of it being educational towards you and your goals! If you are unsure on how to achieve the goals you want, being educated to understand will help immensely! Knowing what exercises and programmes will help towards reaching your fitness potential is a PT’s job!  In addition, if you’re not performing certain exercises with the correct form, Personal Training can help in educating correct positioning to prevent any further injury as well as maximising results! This in turn, can bring about positive impact on your health and fitness; giving effective results. It is also definitely recommended that you seek some sort of help in performing exercises when it comes down to using certain machines and equipment! Being safe is undeniably key when being a gym newbie!

Realistic and Specific!

Getting into fitness for the first time and wanting to achieve your goals straight away, whether that would be achieving some ‘fab abs’ or shredded shoulders, is definitely a common wish amongst new fitness fanatics! However, ‘straight away’ is not realistic! Investing in a PT will help you understand the time and hard work needed to fulfil your ambition! There is nothing worse than not hitting your targets within an impractical time-frame, becoming discouraged and thus backing out altogether; losing all that progress along the way.

In addition, PT’s can aid you in training for specific events e.g. marathons or competitions. Having your PT put you on the right track to securing your specific goal is great when you are not sure on where to start! Many PT’s also advertise a certain niche e.g. running and/or weights, so have a look around to see who you could benefit from most!

Results Not Happening?

Are you a keen exerciser, but the results are just not coming through the way you expected? Getting a PT involved may help you in overcoming this issue. Personal Trainers will push you that little bit harder! People often don’t work as hard by themselves so having someone there to challenge and motivate you, may be just the ticket towards you achieving your goals. Additionally, Personal Trainers will focus on your previous programmes as well as examining your goals to ensure if they have been working efficiently or not.

Boredom may also be an answer to not achieving the results. PT’s will help freshen up your training regime and get you back on track through bringing new ideas to the table. You may find yourself wanting to set new and more challenging goals!  However, don’t be troubled by lack of the results you wanted, I always say that small progress is better than no progress.

Healthy Investment!

Training and nutrition pretty much go hand in hand when it comes down to achieving results. Many newbies may think that training hard all most every day will easily get them that ‘hot bod’. However, this may be not the case. Good and balanced nutrition is a necessity in creating sustainable and lasting results.   Therefore, Personal Trainers can support their clients within their diet through safe general guidance. They will focus on your eating habits and in turn will aid you in what a healthy diet is e.g. drinking more H2O and gobbling down on more greens!

You’re Accountable!

You can’t be couch potato when it comes to plunging in to the fitness world! Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I’ll wake up early tomorrow and get my workout done’, but then spend most of the morning in bed and in fact miss out on your training…ring any bells? Well, with a Personal Trainer you are most likely to avoid getting back into this habit. Personal Trainers are a great tool to ensuring you commit to your training schedules and if you’ve made an appointment with them, it will be harder to let them down and cancel.

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