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New Year Goal Setting

Have you thought about New Year Goal Setting? Why set goals? Setting goals will give you something to aim for! Goals allow us to track progression and remain motivated. So how do we set goals? Goals can be set by you or you and a trainer. It is important that goals are SMART ….. S= […]

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Maintain Your Motivation

Are you struggling to maintain your motivation? Now that January is over motivation can start to diminish and all those New Year’s resolutions and goals can seem like a distant memory. Here are a few steps to take to increase your chances of sticking with your fitness journey or even starting it: Make a plan […]

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Test Your Fitness Level! 

Test your fitness level on the following three bodyweight exercises and see how you do: Press ups What are you testing? The push up is a classic exercise designed to test upper body strength. How to do it? From the ground, keep your body in a straight line from shoulder to heel. Place your hands […]

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Visceral Fat – What is it?

What is Visceral Fat: Visceral fat is body fat that stores in the abdominal cavity, this area in particular is where a number of important organs are found such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. You might look skinny on the outside but have a lot of visceral fat on the inside! How to Measure […]

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Why Train On A Treadmill?

A treadmill can come in very handy, especially during the winter months. It’s safer to use a treadmill due to uneven ground, icy/ wet conditions and poor lighting. Unlike the winter icy pavements, the treadmill’s completely stable surface means there’s little chance you’ll slip or trip too. If you’re already injured, training on a treadmill […]

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